Belt Testing – Underground Coal Mine in NSW

Technibelt conducted independent laboratory belt testing of a large number of rolls for an underground coal mine in NSW. The test results were compared against Australian Standard requirements, as well as our Client/Technibelt specifications. The belts were tested before delivery to the mine. Of major concern was approximately one third of belts failed to comply with the drum friction test requirements of AS 4606 (surface temperature of the drum exceeded 325°C with some samples showing visible glowing). The other two thirds of belts, although complied with the drum friction test requirements of AS 4606, had the surface temperature of the drum substantially higher than normally expected. In addition, a large number of belts failed to meet various Australian Standard requirements and/or our Client/Technibelt specifications (full thickness tensile strength in the longitudinal direction, full thickness tensile strength in the transverse direction, abrasion resistance and tear resistance).

Belt Testing – Coal Handling Facility in NSW

Technibelt was commissioned to develop ply and steel cord belt specifications, an independent laboratory belt testing program and belt splicing quality assurance documentation for a new coal handling facility in NSW. Belt purchased and spliced against strict technical specifications and verified by independent testing ensured quality belt installations. Belt and splice life continue to exceed operational, maintenance and life cycle cost expectations of the company.