Technibelt is an Australian professional engineering consulting company specialising in conveyor and materials handling technology. We are committed to improving the reliability and availability of the conveyor systems of mining companies internationally.

Technibelt will investigate and solve conveyor problems and component failures based on sound engineering and scientific principles. Solutions will be confirmed through testing in accordance with relevant Australian, International and Technibelt developed Standards.

Principle Engineers

Technibelt’s Principal Engineers are experts in the field of conveyor technology.

Dr David Bennett

BE, PhD, Mechanical Engineer, Managing Director

David draws on his extensive site and R&D experience to monitor various aspects of conveyor performance to drive change. David is renowned for the design and implementation of cost-effective, innovative, engineered and tested solutions to optimise conveyor performance. He continues to deliver contemporary conveyor specific technical outcomes to exceed conveyor operational, maintenance and life cycle cost expectations of global mining companies.

Greg Howell

Mechanical Engineer, Director

Greg’s core specialty is conveyor belt and splice failure testing and analysis. Greg has extensive site and R&D experience and has created a database with decades of laboratory testing and conveyor operational design results. He continues to drive change to conveyor specific technical belt specifications to allow the cost-effective purchase of conveyor belt linked to independent testing at Technibelt’s sophisticated and modern laboratory. Greg adopts an engineered approach to ensure improved conveyor performance, reliability and availability for global mining companies whilst reducing unforeseen failures and maintenance costs.

Specialist Technicians

Technibelt’s Specialist Technicians are experts in the field of conveyor monitoring and maintenance technology with over 70 years combined service. They have extensive site, laboratory and R&D experience and support Technibelt’s Principal Engineers on all projects.

Technibelt’s Specialist Technicians are uniquely capable of the following:

  • Carrying out independent conveyor belt and splice failure testing to Australian and International Standards;
  • Providing high performance belt cleaning by regular carry-back testing and specialist belt cleaner maintenance;
  • Conducting belt and splice inspections to reduce downtime caused by conveyor belt and splice failures;
  • QA supervision of splicing to ensure splices are constructed in accordance with splice procedures;
  • Conducting conveyor belt cover thickness and condition testing to accurately predict belt life; &
  • Conducting belt tracking signatures to determine the cause of severe belt mistracking.