Technibelt was commissioned to investigate ongoing solid woven finger splice failures at an underground coal mine in QLD. The full belt width transverse failures occurred in parent belts within the prepared section of the splices but outside the fingers. Independent laboratory testing of the parent belt found the belt to comply with Australian Standard requirements as well as our Client/Technibelt specifications.  Testing the parent belt after simulating the splice process found no adverse effect on the tensile strength of the belt or the ability of the belt to be spliced. Adhesion levels of the top and bottom covers panels within the finger splice were as expected from a quality constructed splice. Testing found workmanship issues in the preparation of the parent belt and fingers resulted in critical loss in the tensile strength of the parent belt or fingers. An extensive Technibelt R&D program determined the safe workmanship limits for a quality finger splice and identified the trigger point that will result in an imminent splice failure.