Technibelt was commissioned to investigate a ply belt splice failure at a hard rock mine in QLD. The splice had been extensively repaired on the top and bottom covers. An existing top cover repair had failed and was exposing the pocket of delamination through several steps of the splice plane. The adjoining parent belt (not within the splice) had alarmingly low ply to ply and cover to ply adhesion levels. The adhesion levels within the splice plane were also low. The alarmingly low parent belt adhesion levels further deteriorated after the hot splice/repair process and contributed to the splice failure. The low adhesion levels through the splice plane due to problems with process control also contributed to the splice failure. Splices cannot be repeatedly repaired as the physical properties of the belt and splice plane deteriorate. The rate of deterioration is dependent on the quality of the belt. Splices that require extensive repair are now scheduled for resplice.