Technibelt was commissioned to work closely with the maintenance and reliability teams at a coal mine in NSW to radically decrease downtime caused by conveyor belt and splice failures. The modern conveyor systems were designed on the lower limits relating to pulley diameters and belt/splice factors of safety. The demand on the conveyor belts and splices is arduous and needs to be technically correct and vigilantly monitored. Belt is purchased against strict technical specifications and verified by independent testing to ensure only quality belt is supplied and installed on the conveyors. Belt change dates are scheduled based on a combination of cover thickness test data and a wealth of knowledge on overall belt condition (site operational information and laboratory test data).

QA supervision of splicing has significantly increased the reliability and life of splices. Belt scraper adjustments and maintenance, based on actual performance (carry-back test data), has decreased carry-back spillage and increased consumable component life. The conveyors continue to exceed operational, maintenance and life cycle cost expectations of the company.