Technibelt conducted benchmark performance monitoring (carry-back testing) of the existing belt scrapers at a hard rock mine in SA. After servicing by the existing belt scraper maintenance team (to ensure optimum performance), Technibelt recorded an average carry-back level of 420 kg/h across 13 conveyors (worst conveyor 875 kg/h). The benchmarking data and a review of the operational requirements of each individual conveyor was used to develop a performance specification (average preset performance guaranteed carry-back level of 11 kg/h). The design, supply, installation and commissioning of Technibelt custom belt cleaning systems resulted in an average carry-back level of <1 kg/h (worst conveyor 4 kg/h) with an average over the first year of 4 kg/hr (worst conveyor 8 kg/h). Belt scraper adjustments and maintenance were based on performance not time in service. Low carry-back levels also resulted in reduced spillage clean-up and increased roller and pulley lagging life.